Poor mental health is not something that you can easily see or even, sometimes, feel. It’s not a tear in a muscle; it’s not a broken bone; it’s not something that hurts in the way a physical injury does.

Instead, mental health is your thoughts, your mood, your behavior. Because it’s intangible, mental health is hard to diagnose and easy to dismiss. But that doesn’t make it any less important. On the contrary, good mental health is vital for the overall quality of your life.

If you’re a software developer, there’s a good chance you work with someone who has…

Many classical machine learning techniques have been used to explore Alzheimer’s disease (AD), evolving from image decomposition techniques such as principal component analysis toward higher complexity, non-linear decomposition algorithms. With the arrival of the deep learning paradigm, it has become possible to extract high-level abstract features directly from MRI images that internally describe the distribution of data in low-dimensional manifolds. In this work, we try a new ex- ploratory data analysis of AD based on deep convolutional autoencoders. We aim at finding links between cognitive symptoms and the underlying neurodegeneration process by fusing the information of neuropsychological test outcomes, diagnoses…

Recently, I was selected as a Delegate for the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) 2021, through a highly intensive selection process. HPAIR is an internationally recognized student organization at Harvard University, offering a forum of exchange to facilitate discussion of the most important economic, political, & social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 1991, HPAIR has organized 43 conferences in 15 different host countries, touching the lives of more than 10,000 students and young professionals. Our conferences feature world-class speakers and guests to foster mentorship, networking, and guidance opportunities for delegates. …

As I am venturing through the last four days of my 5th semester, I have reflected a lot on what I’ve learned, and why I feel getting an internship was a success. Now when I say success, I don’t mean that I developed a groundbreaking model that can exactly predict when a customer is going to buy a product, I mean successful in the sense that I’ve learned more during this internship application process than I ever thought and feel that I really understand what professionals do.

As a student, each one of us has a dream. Dream of doing…


Hey everyone, I’m Vatsal Verma an undergraduate pre-final year pursuing B.Tech (Hons.)- Computer science and engineering at SRM Institute of Science and Technology. And recently I got 3 Internship offers (EPITA Paris, Mitacs Canada, OIST Japan) fully funded.

My Mitacs Globalink Internship 2021 experience

Description: This is a competitive internship for international undergraduates from Australia, Brazil, China, France, India… basically a lot of countries. If selected, you will (and must) work for a period of 12 weeks in one of the Universities in Canada.

MITACS internships are available in over 45 Canadian Universities and hence you have a good…

Vatsal Verma

3rd year Undergrad student majoring in Computer Science & Engineering

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